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The "411" for your Summer Swim Meets

Here are some tips for parents who are new to SWIMMING!

We hope this information gives you a leg up on what to expect for your summer swim meets with the Stonegate Stringrays.  Once you get through your first meet, everything will make so much more sense!  Keep in mind -- no two swim meets ever run exactly the same and have a lot to do with the "host"/home team, the facility (6 lanes vs 8 lanes) and the size of the teams involved. Our team is one of the largest teams -- and we typically fill events with 2 or more heats with just our own swimmers.  

The most important thing to remember is to be flexible and have fun!

If you haven't experienced a swim meet before, they are large undertakings and are run by humans who are fallible. So -- it’s ok to be a little confused at first. And don’t be afraid to approach someone to ask a question:  

1) The Parent Reps 

2) Jr Coaches 

3) Your swimmer's Age Group Coach

4) A Board Member 

What to Pack & Bring:

1) Your swimmer dressed in his/her swim suit (!)

2) Goggles and swim cap (strongly recommend an extra set of these)

3) Meet program, Sharpie pen (to write events on swimmer's limb) and a highlighter

4) Extra-large towel or blanket for your swimmer to keep warm between races 

5) Extra towels…suggest at least two!

6) Loose fitting, comfortable clothing (your Stingray sweats) to wear inbetween races

7) Chairs and/or a tent 

8) Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or visor

9) Water / Gatorade / Snacks and CASH for concessions

10) Games:  Electronic hand held games, cards, books, iPad, coloring books, crayons, etc.

Upon Arrival

1) Have your children go to the team tent and check in with the designated Jr. Coach

2) If you are volunteering, check in with the designated person(s) for the meet

3) While your swimmer is warming up, this is the time to get out your highlighter and mark your swimmer’s events. 

4) Once your swimmer returns, make sure they drink something and wrap up in either a blanket or parka if it is cold. 

5) Next -- dry off your swimmer, and write down (with your Sharpie) on the back of your child’s hand/arm/foot - their events, their heat, and their lane:  

Example:  25 free style, Event 10, Heat 3, Lane 5 = 10 / 3 / 5 (25 Fr)

During the Meet

Your main job from here on out is to make sure your child stays nearby the "staging area" for events; this is known as HEATING.  It is critical to make certain your child is lined up and ready to swim his or her event(s) at the right time and in the right place (i.e. - LANE).  If they are out wandering the facility - they will potentially miss their event.

After the Meet

The results of each event will be posted on Meet Mobile (an app that reports swim meets, swimmers and their place of finish).   Ribbons are given for 1st through 12th place finishes in each event and are distributed at practice, usually a couple of days following the meet. 

ALL kids will at some time in their swimming career, experience the disappointment of being disqualified (DQ’d) in an event. Remember that this is a learning opportunity and the DQ is an excellent tool to help your child. Though it may be disappointing, you can help your child by offering support and encouraging them to always do their best.  If you think they could benefit from some one-on-one help, reach out to a coach and schedule a private lesson!

Thank you for being part of this team and allowing your child and your family to experience the Stonegate Stingrays during your summer break!

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