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    Swimming is different from other sports in that many volunteers are needed to run a successful swim meet. Because of this, the Stonegate Stingrays require every family to volunteer their time to help at the meets and behind the scenes.

    **If you only have a swimmer in the Mini Ray program, you will be exempt from volunteer duties.**

    1.Each family is required to work a total of FOUR VOLUNTEER SHIFTS. Three shifts can be worked at dual/tri meets, or social events.

    2.Every family must work at least ONE VOLUNTEER SHIFT AT A PRELIM OR THE RMSL CHAMPIONSHIP FINALSThis rule applies even if your child is not swimming at finals.

    3.If your child is swimming at prelims, you should volunteer for one prelim shift. These shifts occur Monday through Thursday between the hours of 6:00 am and 4:00 pm. If you do not sign up for a prelim and your child is swimming, you may be asked to do an extra shift if the team is short on volunteers for that prelim.

    4.Volunteer sign up will begin April 23rd. Every family must register for FOUR (1 of the 4 shifts must be at prelims or finals) volunteer shifts. 

    5.Once you sign up for a volunteer shift, YOU are responsible for satisfying that volunteer shift. Please DO NOT call the Parent Reps or Volunteer Coordinator to ask to be released from your volunteer shift. THEY WILL NOT RELEASE YOU FROM THE ASSIGNED SHIFT.

    6.If you cannot work the shifts that you selected, it is YOUR OBLIGATION to find someone else to cover your shift. It is not the responsibility of the Parent Reps or Volunteer Coordinator to make shift changes for you. You must find someone to cover your assigned shift. Once you do so, you must notify the Parent Reps and Volunteer Coordinator in writing of the change prior to the event.

    7.Every family is required to pay a $250 volunteer deposit with their registration. If you fail to fulfill your family’s volunteer obligation, you will FORFEIT your $250 volunteer deposit.

    8.Volunteer shift assignments reminders will be sent each week.  You can review each of your shifts online through the website by clicking on the name of the meet in the EVENTS tab. 

    9.Descriptions of the volunteer job duties are posted on the Stonegate Stingray's website.  You will also be expected to cover the shift for the entire period of time.

    10.Volunteers should check in at the volunteer check-in table on the morning of the swim meet between 6:30 am and 8:00 am and pick up your name tag.

    11.Please pay attention to any announcements during meets regarding shift assignments and volunteers needed.

    12.Please report to your shift assignment five (5) minutes before the start of your shift assignment. Volunteers should check-in with the appropriate committee head prior to the start of their shift.

    • Timers, and stroke judges should report to the respective Committee Head by the scorer's tent.
    • Heating volunteers report directly to the Heating Committee Head.
    • Concessions volunteers report directly to the Concessions Committee Head.
    • If you do not know where to report for your assignment, please ask!

    13.Occasionally an event has to be canceled and rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions. If you were scheduled to volunteer at an event which is canceled due to weather, you will be assigned to volunteer at the re-scheduled event.

    14.All disputes regarding volunteer issues will be resolved at the sole discretion and authority of the Stonegate Stingray Parent Reps.

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